jeudi 12 juin 2008

Thursday Night Post

I'm sure you have heard a few songs remixed of LeAnn Rimes. Well her newest release in the "Dance World" is titled Headphones. It is remixed by Almighty Anthem Remix Team, which honestly in general, I don't really like their stuff. Nonetheless, this song is great. Headphones is probably my favorite release by LeAnn, maybe second only to "Nothin Better To Do" . Therefore I have also added two great remixes of her song Nothin' Better To Do by the all talented Bimbo Jones and the Soul Seekerz.

LeAnn Rimes- Headphones (Almighty Anthem Edit)

LeAnn Rimes- Headphones (Almighty Anthem Mix)

LeAnn Rimes- Nothin' Better To Do (Bimbo Jones Radio Edit)

LeAnn Rimes- Nothin' Better To Do (Soul Seekerz Extended Mix)

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