lundi 28 juillet 2008

Finally a new post......

Okay sorry to all, I've been outta control busy, but things are calming down (for the moment)

Not to worry though, cause I've been listening to music like crazy still and have a bunch songs for you all to sample. And these songs aren't your average dance songs, to be honest I've become somewhat tired of a lot of house/dance music that sounds soooo similar. This blog is all about different kinds of good groovin music, cause hell, we need cutting edge music no?

I'm really on this French disco house kick right now, you know the whole Alan Braxe Fred Falke, thing...

Another Dj who just keeps producing damn good remixes is Lifelike (another Parisien)

Name: Laurent Ash
Age : 30s
Location : Paris
Sex Appeal : HOT

I'm nearing the point that I might just want to tattoo his name on my ass, this first post will be all about that..getting you to want to tattoo his name on your ass too

First up is a blazin remix that has been on repeat on my ipod for a couple days now, about time you do it too

An older remix by Lifelike and in my opinion one of his best titled "This Boys In Love" is a necessary addition to your music library. The Presets with the help of Lifelike have an electronic 80's gem rolled up and ready for the dancefloor. The beat is hypnotic..
The Presets - The Boy's In Love (Lifelike Remix)

You all know Supermal and their recent song with Luciana (Bigger Than Big). A recent song of their's recently caught my eye and again remixed by the lovely Lifelike, this song fits right into your collection of electronic french house..

Super Mal - Light Years (Lifelike Remix)

Another classic which is actually produced by Lifelike and Kris Menace (and probably Lifelike's biggest commercial success) is Discopolis. The best remix by far is by A Hundred Birds. The song was featured a year or two ago on the Hed-Kandi Nu Cool album. Hot disco beats and with a bit of classic music, somehow they found a way to put the 2 together to make in my opinion one of the best house tracks around.

Last up on the Lifelike kick (for the moment) is remix of a song by the group Demon. I know very little about this group except that they are on one of the same labels as Lifelike. Nonetheless this is another Lifelike gem, so if you like any of the other songs, you'll be sure to like this one.

mercredi 9 juillet 2008

Chercher la Baditude

The next electro bomb is here. . . this is an essential tune you all better get your hands on! A literally it is was crowned one of the best singles of 2008. Of course it is to be expected when you have Dave Spoon, Paul Harris and Sam Obernik. I've listened to the remixes and nothing compares to the original.

Baditude is described as .... a ballsy, sexy, white-hot hymn to hedonism. A hyperactive whirlwind of driving bass, pulsing beats and streaks of sun-lit guitar, the track bounces like a 10 ton baby under Sam Obernik's raw, sassy vocals.

mardi 8 juillet 2008

More for your Wednesday

Lenny Bertoldo aka Lenny B. who I am sure at least most of you are familiar with for his remixes of generally commercial pop hasrecently has released a single. It is titled Radical coming of his new label Volume 11. Sensual vocals mixed with powerful beats leads me to believe Lenny has finally progressed outside of just remixing silly pop songs (and yes some of them I like too). Lenny plans to release another single in August and many more following that. So be prepared to see more of Lenny B on this blog.

Also I cant seem find who is doing the vocals..its weird it isn't listed anywhere on the net.

Lenny B. - Radical (Radio Edit)

I've been a fan of Amanda Wilson since I heard her voice in Love On My Mind she has continued to amaze her fans. She has a 4 octive vocal range and is one of the most sought after vocalist in house music. She's also known for her vocals in Gusto's Disco's Revenge 2008. Another great track she has recently released with the help of A. Lee aka Anthony Lee (German DJ and Music Producer) Check this one out!

If you follow this blog you will know that I LOVE Wez (Warren) Clarke. Probably my favorite DJ as he embodies my absolute favorite type of house music. Disco House with strong piano vibes. Well I've got 2 songs for you with his name on it. The first song is titled I've got you the instrumental version (amazing beats to be rivaled with Pjanoo). The 2nd song is a remix of the British group Sunset Strippers. They are fairly new to the House music scene and their most recent funky-disco release Step Right Up proves to be a real winner! This remix by Wez Clarke and Jack McCord adds Wez Clarke's amazing touch to make you wish you never had to leave the club.

Ain't Nothin Goin' On But the Rent

Katherine Ellis has long been one of my favorite vocal artists in the house music scene. She recently was featured by the Freemasons When You Touch Me. This song that I'm posting has already been promoted via various clubs and now has appeared on Clubbers Guide America 2008. Katherine Ellis powerful vocals never seem to stop amazing me. The song is titled Ain't Nothin' Goin' On but the Rent. This is actually a remake of Gwen Guthrie's 1986 dance anthem. 7th Heaven with the help of Fonzerelli have recreated this blazin' track for 2008. Destined to be a key summer anthem, you can't afford to miss it!

samedi 5 juillet 2008

House Bombs

You may have these songs, as they not all of these songs are the "freshest" but if you don't, well damn it, telecharge the bitch. First up is a tune that I blew off a long time ago has I have become frustrated with Eric Prydz style. I loved his early stuff such as Call On Me but he's lately changed to a much heavier electro beat that in my opinion is really repetitive, nonetheless, I listened to his song Pjanoo and even though it doesn't have any vocals, this a definite winner. It has been recently been placed on the compliation the Clubbers Guide Summer 2008.

Next is another techno/electro bomb that most of you Europeans already know but I have a feeling it is less well known in the US and elsewhere. Mondotek (French Band) has released asong and a video that has been tearing up the dancefloors in France. It has created a cult following with the techtonic form of dancing (see the video). It seems everyone is now trying to imitate it where it should be probably be left to the professionals. That being said, the video does show some people who get it and its fucking cool. I feel like this song is the French version of Something Good by Utah Saints.

Mondotek - Alive! (2-4 Grooves Remix)

Moving to a definite vocal house group Booty Luv who I absolutely love have released many singles and 1 album on Hed Kandi. This sexy British duo (Cherise Roberts and Nadia Shepherd) has had tons of success and with reason. Their first four singles have scorching the charts.
Their powerful voices were first heard in the R&B group Big Brovaz. Booty Luv was later formed in 2006. My favorite song for their album Boogie 2nite (other than Boogie 2nite) is Some Kinda Rush. I got my hands on a new remix by 7th Heaven definitetly fufills the title, no worries you'll get a rush.

vendredi 4 juillet 2008

New Music

Electropop singer Isabel Guzman has been making strides in becoming well-known, not in just her native country of Sweden but in Europe as well. Off her upcoming debut album she has released the single Mysterious which I have found a fabulous remix for you to feast your little electro-disco hearts on. Remixed by to me a completely unknown Swedish DJ Lilla Björn. Watch out Robyn, you've got some competition!

Brighton boys Phil Faversham and Jim Breese make up the group My Digital Enemy. These self crafted tunes started with the release of Runaway (Feel the Love) which was included in Ministry of Sound Clubbers Guide Summer 2006. They have continued to remix many songs. And have finally released a new song titled Take Me With You which is also featured on the upcoming CD by Ministry of Sound Clubbers Guide America 2008. Full of funky electric beats this band is definitely a new group to get to know.

Take Me With You
is a great electronic track to get a party started while the great vocals of Runaway is the winning element with a smokin' remix by Flash Brothers.

jeudi 3 juillet 2008



Moving a bit away from dance music to a bit more electronic rap group. Now, I'm not a huge fan of rap but this genre style of Missy Elliot with better lyrics and a better beat. This duo is called Thunderheist made up of vocalist Isis (who voice you might know from MSTKRFT's single Bounce) and Grahmzilla who gives us his killer electronic sound. They have been blowing up Montreal with their recently released singles Jerk It, Bubblegum, and Suenos Ducles. This dirty electro is made for the party. I definetly recommend you download these three songs. Definitely take time to listen to Suenos Ducles a couple times as this song is serious genius!!!

mercredi 2 juillet 2008

New Remake

In 1976 John Miles reached number 3 on the UK singles chart with his song Music. Not much has been done with this disco gem. That is until Jaybee and DJ Lovemaker came up with a remix. Now most blogs haven't caught wind of this new remake, so hop on it here! Jaybee and DJ Lovehouse reorient this song into electronc disco bliss. A mix of classical music, heavy disco beats remade for today. This song is hot. You gotta blast this...