dimanche 29 juin 2008

Minitel Rose - Business Woman

Coming off their EP The French Machine, this electronic, french house band has become a real favorite in France. Rolling out from Nantes, France, this 80's influenced band is something fresh.

vendredi 27 juin 2008

Kansas City

Now its going to be hard to recover with such a good song like MGMT remixed by Justice, but I might have found just the thing. I am also obligated to put up this song given that I am from Kansas City and where I will be returning in a little over a month to go back to school. Sneaky Sound System has just released a new single off their upcoming second album titled Kansas City. It's been remixed by noneother than the talented Lifelike. This song is hot, a little pop sounding yes but nice electro chords for you electrofreaks. By the way, I think its real funny how they pronounce Kansas City, its clear they aren't from there, and have never been there. They pronounce "Kan" like the british pronounce can't (less nasal sounding) and yes I know the Sneaky Sound System band members are Australian, but still......just so you know

mercredi 25 juin 2008


The Best Electro Song of 2008, hands down! This song is so fucking cool...the beat is huge..I don't know if you know the group MGMT (Management) made up Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden from Brooklyn, but this group has amazing vocals which are intertwined with Justice's beat to lead to an electromagnetic explosion. This is song that you just have to blast. The song is titled Electric Feel and damn right you are going to be getting that feel. It is the second single released from their debut album Oracular Spectacular. Rolling Stone has dubbed this group one of the top 10 artists to watch.

Now I know I did post this song before, but that was just a radio rip. I know have the full remix by Justice is blazin! I can't stop listening to it. I devoted a whole post just to this song and therefore If I was to encourage to download a song..this is it..serious hot shit!

vendredi 20 juin 2008

I hoping you all have already downloaded this song and I'm just posting this for nothing...but if you haven't...Katy Perry I've kissed a Girl is worth a listen. This American singer who's debut album One of the Boys was released on June 17th is actually daughter of 2 preachers..Her first album released in 2001 titled Katy Hudson was a Christian gospel album...Now thats what you call a good lesbian Christian. I got the best remix to the song for you...so check it out

Christian George's debut single "Strangers" is described as a percolating, sultry shot of infectious R&B pop. A newcomer to the music scene, he enlisted the help of Thomas Gold to remix his debut single and its hot (and so is he and yeah that is him).

A bit of everything

First I'm starting you off with a track that doesn't have any vocals...but! its an amazing electric track with the PIANO...maybe it's because I play the piano that I love it so much..I dunno..but this song is hot. Rising up from down under, this DJ is shattering dancefloors from Sydney to London...Get on this hot tune.

Next up is a hot tune from an up and coming band Heads We Dance, this group from Leeds (UK) has given new life to the song "My Heart Is Set On You". They are described as "custom chromed aerodynamic pop". Knowing me, of course there is a remix and by one of my favorite remixers Louis La Roche, which has featured on this blog already. He adds a little smooth electro flavor.

The Last few tracks have a more underground/indie feel, but this next track departs from that. I have recently discovered a new track by 2 Djs from Germany calling themselves Phonjaxx. I really like this song because the beat is really heavy but doesn't drown out the vocals of Cosi Costi who is completely unknown to me. Nonetheless this song is hot. A must!

So I'm sure you've heard of the Belgian group Ian Van Dahl made up of singer/songwriter Annemie Coenen, Peter Luts, Dave McCullen and producers Christophe Chantzis and Erik Vanspauwen have been quite popular in past years. Recently Annemie Coenen decided to release a track on her own under the name Anna Grace. This is for sure to be a smash and in my opinion diverges from a lot Ian Van Dahl's stuff as it has a much stronger house feel to a trance feel of Ian Van Dahl.

Next is up is from a DJ hailing from Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Lucien Foort has recently released a track titled Sound of Love featuring the vocals of Mitch Crown. Seasmus Haji, British Producer and DJ, who always has amazing remixes has delivered again. I have 2 remixes for you by Seamus, check them out..

jeudi 19 juin 2008

3 Must Download!

90's house band from North Wales, K-Klass, has recently released a new promo CD. The song was also recently on the CD Pool Dance June Compliation. This song is hot, nice beat and a beautiful piano puts this song up for one of the best Disco House tracks of 2008. I listed my favorite remix of the promo cd

K-Klass - Getting Ready (K-Klass Original Club Mix)

Next from the Pool Dance Compliation is a new song by the Groovestylerz, this German DJ knows all about Disco House after having remaking We Are Family. Well he's done it again with his newest single Prove Your Love. I think this song is better than his previous work as the vocals sync better with the song and hmmm I guess just has a better sound. Plus its a remake of a classic Fleetwood Mac song, yum!

Groovestylerz - Prove Your Love (Original Club Mix)

Inaya Day newest song is smokin'!!! She in collaboration with Nick Jay is incredibly catchy..You just can't stop seeing this song. This track will definitely be blowing up the dancefloors in the near future. Get on this one!!

Inaya Day Meets Nick Jay - All I'm Sayin' (Just Hold On) (Brett Austin Vocal Club Mix)

vendredi 13 juin 2008

Delicious Disco

So I have a bunch of tracks that you all to need to get. I'll be posting them in at least 2 posts due to the number of tracks.

First up is an amazing remix to Marvin Gaye's Heard It Through The Grapevine. Freemasons just can't stop producing hits. And this song should definitely be classified as one of their bests. The song is dancefloor ready, with a good beat and updated sound.

Marvin Gaye - Heard It Through the Grapevine (Freemasons Mix)

Next Up is the definitely the best remix I've heard to Body Crash by Buy Now. It may surprise you that the remixer is Cascada, but honestly it doesn't sound like any of their other stuff (forutnately). This remix also highlights the vocals in this track. I'm sure you will find this track to be a summer smash just like I do.

Buy Now - Body Crash (Cascada Vocal Mix)

I've listened to the recently released CD June Pool Dance and there is a ton of bombs of this CD. I'm going to post my favorite songs from this CD.

Now I've seen a lot of remixes floating around to Soultronics Feat. Max C of the song I Believe. And in general I praise DJ's for their remixes..but this time I think they have just botched the song. I really think the Original Mix is really the best. And there is something to be said about the original dj's mix..

Soultronics Feat. Max C - I Believe (Original Mix)

(the rest to follow soon)...

jeudi 12 juin 2008

Thursday Night Post

I'm sure you have heard a few songs remixed of LeAnn Rimes. Well her newest release in the "Dance World" is titled Headphones. It is remixed by Almighty Anthem Remix Team, which honestly in general, I don't really like their stuff. Nonetheless, this song is great. Headphones is probably my favorite release by LeAnn, maybe second only to "Nothin Better To Do" . Therefore I have also added two great remixes of her song Nothin' Better To Do by the all talented Bimbo Jones and the Soul Seekerz.

LeAnn Rimes- Headphones (Almighty Anthem Edit)

LeAnn Rimes- Headphones (Almighty Anthem Mix)

LeAnn Rimes- Nothin' Better To Do (Bimbo Jones Radio Edit)

LeAnn Rimes- Nothin' Better To Do (Soul Seekerz Extended Mix)

dimanche 1 juin 2008

Best Vocal House 2008

I'm first going to apologize for not posting for nearly 4 days, but don't you worry, during that time I haven't posted I have found some of the best vocal house songs for 2008.

1. We start off with one of my favorite DJ's of all time Warren Clarke, evidently this isn't my first post with his stuff, but he's got a bomb that ready to rip up the dance floors. This Irish DJ recently released a vocal track featuring Michelle Weeks. This is her soulful upbeat house track, hands down! (i get goosebumps when she hits her high notes in this song). You gotta check this one out

Warren Clarke Presents TBC Feat. Michelle Weeks - Movin Out

2. Following this track is another upcoming vocal house track is soo good that you might just cream your pants. An all time favorite house vocalist, Barbara Tucker, releases another hit. This Brooklyn New York native seems to find success more often in Europe than in the US (I think Europeans just know their house music). She started as a off broadway actress and later turned to house music. It is said that once during the lifespan of a musical style comes an extraordinary artist and according to many in dance music, that is Barbara Tucker. (Also I can't help but love this promotional artwork for this song...damn she's sassy)

Playone Feat. Barbara Tucker - I Found A Place (Radio Edit)

3. Next one up for today is the newest remix by the Freemasons.

This song has been floating around for awhile as it was originally released on the Freemasons' CD Shakedown and later as a single and now after being featured on a few CD's, and remixed for 2008 is going to be a killer house track for a summer evening at the beach. The Disco Freaks, (relatively unknown), released the vinyl last year. But like many house songs it can a year or more for it to catch on. Though when you hear it, you'll never understand why it wasn't a hit from the start!

Disco Freaks Feat. Rob Li - Take Me 2 The Sun (Freemasons 2008 Remix)

4. My favorite song from Kaskade's upcoming album being released on Tuesday is progressive house tune with a beat that sets it apart from about any song I've heard in awhile. Tamra Keenan lends her voice to make this an up and coming hit. This definitely my favorite song on the album.

Kaskade - Angel On My Shoulder (Tamra Keenan)

House Musik

The Vocal Rendition