vendredi 27 juin 2008

Kansas City

Now its going to be hard to recover with such a good song like MGMT remixed by Justice, but I might have found just the thing. I am also obligated to put up this song given that I am from Kansas City and where I will be returning in a little over a month to go back to school. Sneaky Sound System has just released a new single off their upcoming second album titled Kansas City. It's been remixed by noneother than the talented Lifelike. This song is hot, a little pop sounding yes but nice electro chords for you electrofreaks. By the way, I think its real funny how they pronounce Kansas City, its clear they aren't from there, and have never been there. They pronounce "Kan" like the british pronounce can't (less nasal sounding) and yes I know the Sneaky Sound System band members are Australian, but still......just so you know

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