dimanche 1 juin 2008

Best Vocal House 2008

I'm first going to apologize for not posting for nearly 4 days, but don't you worry, during that time I haven't posted I have found some of the best vocal house songs for 2008.

1. We start off with one of my favorite DJ's of all time Warren Clarke, evidently this isn't my first post with his stuff, but he's got a bomb that ready to rip up the dance floors. This Irish DJ recently released a vocal track featuring Michelle Weeks. This is her soulful upbeat house track, hands down! (i get goosebumps when she hits her high notes in this song). You gotta check this one out

Warren Clarke Presents TBC Feat. Michelle Weeks - Movin Out

2. Following this track is another upcoming vocal house track is soo good that you might just cream your pants. An all time favorite house vocalist, Barbara Tucker, releases another hit. This Brooklyn New York native seems to find success more often in Europe than in the US (I think Europeans just know their house music). She started as a off broadway actress and later turned to house music. It is said that once during the lifespan of a musical style comes an extraordinary artist and according to many in dance music, that is Barbara Tucker. (Also I can't help but love this promotional artwork for this song...damn she's sassy)

Playone Feat. Barbara Tucker - I Found A Place (Radio Edit)

3. Next one up for today is the newest remix by the Freemasons.

This song has been floating around for awhile as it was originally released on the Freemasons' CD Shakedown and later as a single and now after being featured on a few CD's, and remixed for 2008 is going to be a killer house track for a summer evening at the beach. The Disco Freaks, (relatively unknown), released the vinyl last year. But like many house songs it can a year or more for it to catch on. Though when you hear it, you'll never understand why it wasn't a hit from the start!

Disco Freaks Feat. Rob Li - Take Me 2 The Sun (Freemasons 2008 Remix)

4. My favorite song from Kaskade's upcoming album being released on Tuesday is progressive house tune with a beat that sets it apart from about any song I've heard in awhile. Tamra Keenan lends her voice to make this an up and coming hit. This definitely my favorite song on the album.

Kaskade - Angel On My Shoulder (Tamra Keenan)

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