vendredi 20 juin 2008

A bit of everything

First I'm starting you off with a track that doesn't have any vocals...but! its an amazing electric track with the PIANO...maybe it's because I play the piano that I love it so much..I dunno..but this song is hot. Rising up from down under, this DJ is shattering dancefloors from Sydney to London...Get on this hot tune.

Next up is a hot tune from an up and coming band Heads We Dance, this group from Leeds (UK) has given new life to the song "My Heart Is Set On You". They are described as "custom chromed aerodynamic pop". Knowing me, of course there is a remix and by one of my favorite remixers Louis La Roche, which has featured on this blog already. He adds a little smooth electro flavor.

The Last few tracks have a more underground/indie feel, but this next track departs from that. I have recently discovered a new track by 2 Djs from Germany calling themselves Phonjaxx. I really like this song because the beat is really heavy but doesn't drown out the vocals of Cosi Costi who is completely unknown to me. Nonetheless this song is hot. A must!

So I'm sure you've heard of the Belgian group Ian Van Dahl made up of singer/songwriter Annemie Coenen, Peter Luts, Dave McCullen and producers Christophe Chantzis and Erik Vanspauwen have been quite popular in past years. Recently Annemie Coenen decided to release a track on her own under the name Anna Grace. This is for sure to be a smash and in my opinion diverges from a lot Ian Van Dahl's stuff as it has a much stronger house feel to a trance feel of Ian Van Dahl.

Next is up is from a DJ hailing from Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Lucien Foort has recently released a track titled Sound of Love featuring the vocals of Mitch Crown. Seasmus Haji, British Producer and DJ, who always has amazing remixes has delivered again. I have 2 remixes for you by Seamus, check them out..

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