lundi 28 juillet 2008

Finally a new post......

Okay sorry to all, I've been outta control busy, but things are calming down (for the moment)

Not to worry though, cause I've been listening to music like crazy still and have a bunch songs for you all to sample. And these songs aren't your average dance songs, to be honest I've become somewhat tired of a lot of house/dance music that sounds soooo similar. This blog is all about different kinds of good groovin music, cause hell, we need cutting edge music no?

I'm really on this French disco house kick right now, you know the whole Alan Braxe Fred Falke, thing...

Another Dj who just keeps producing damn good remixes is Lifelike (another Parisien)

Name: Laurent Ash
Age : 30s
Location : Paris
Sex Appeal : HOT

I'm nearing the point that I might just want to tattoo his name on my ass, this first post will be all about that..getting you to want to tattoo his name on your ass too

First up is a blazin remix that has been on repeat on my ipod for a couple days now, about time you do it too

An older remix by Lifelike and in my opinion one of his best titled "This Boys In Love" is a necessary addition to your music library. The Presets with the help of Lifelike have an electronic 80's gem rolled up and ready for the dancefloor. The beat is hypnotic..
The Presets - The Boy's In Love (Lifelike Remix)

You all know Supermal and their recent song with Luciana (Bigger Than Big). A recent song of their's recently caught my eye and again remixed by the lovely Lifelike, this song fits right into your collection of electronic french house..

Super Mal - Light Years (Lifelike Remix)

Another classic which is actually produced by Lifelike and Kris Menace (and probably Lifelike's biggest commercial success) is Discopolis. The best remix by far is by A Hundred Birds. The song was featured a year or two ago on the Hed-Kandi Nu Cool album. Hot disco beats and with a bit of classic music, somehow they found a way to put the 2 together to make in my opinion one of the best house tracks around.

Last up on the Lifelike kick (for the moment) is remix of a song by the group Demon. I know very little about this group except that they are on one of the same labels as Lifelike. Nonetheless this is another Lifelike gem, so if you like any of the other songs, you'll be sure to like this one.

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