samedi 5 juillet 2008

House Bombs

You may have these songs, as they not all of these songs are the "freshest" but if you don't, well damn it, telecharge the bitch. First up is a tune that I blew off a long time ago has I have become frustrated with Eric Prydz style. I loved his early stuff such as Call On Me but he's lately changed to a much heavier electro beat that in my opinion is really repetitive, nonetheless, I listened to his song Pjanoo and even though it doesn't have any vocals, this a definite winner. It has been recently been placed on the compliation the Clubbers Guide Summer 2008.

Next is another techno/electro bomb that most of you Europeans already know but I have a feeling it is less well known in the US and elsewhere. Mondotek (French Band) has released asong and a video that has been tearing up the dancefloors in France. It has created a cult following with the techtonic form of dancing (see the video). It seems everyone is now trying to imitate it where it should be probably be left to the professionals. That being said, the video does show some people who get it and its fucking cool. I feel like this song is the French version of Something Good by Utah Saints.

Mondotek - Alive! (2-4 Grooves Remix)

Moving to a definite vocal house group Booty Luv who I absolutely love have released many singles and 1 album on Hed Kandi. This sexy British duo (Cherise Roberts and Nadia Shepherd) has had tons of success and with reason. Their first four singles have scorching the charts.
Their powerful voices were first heard in the R&B group Big Brovaz. Booty Luv was later formed in 2006. My favorite song for their album Boogie 2nite (other than Boogie 2nite) is Some Kinda Rush. I got my hands on a new remix by 7th Heaven definitetly fufills the title, no worries you'll get a rush.

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