vendredi 1 août 2008

New Change!

I have decided to change things up a bit on the blog, while hopefully making you more happy and me more happy. So what does that mean I'm doing? I am hoping to post a song a day which will allow you to get a fresh song every day instead of 5 once every once in awhile. It makes the task of updating the blog (even though I do love doing it) less time consuming for me each day as well. Somedays I add a bonus song if I have time. Granted I might miss a day here and there as well, but I'll make it up to you. promise!

So for this Friday your tune is not a recent song in comparison to most of the things I post but its a remix I have never heard by the Freemasons (maybe I'm just lost) This song is a real summer anthem

my legs, my nose, my back, my toes, my arms, my eyes, my breasts, my thighs

The Beach Feat. Tia - Suntan (Freemasons Ext. Remix)

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